Knitting Mistakes

Knitting Mistakes

My cabled dress is coming along better than expected. I’ve never knitted a sweater of any sort, so the pattern I’ve used had many parts I had to learn.

Some things I figured out quite easily, while other parts of the pattern was learned through trial and error. I’ve frogged and tinked so many times, I’ve become much better at following vague directions. The pattern is considered advanced, so knitting correctly gives me a tremendous confidence boost. However, to keep me grounded and not let that confidence give me a big head, I occasionally make a mistake and not realize it until further down the pattern, because I don’t pay close enough attention to my work.

The sweater I’m working on is cabled. It’s covered in them. I’ve become addicted to cabling because of the beautiful results. As you can see here, I’ve made a terrible mistake.


I didn’t realize my cable error until I finished the yoke, sewn the seam, and picked up along the edge. Well, you live and you learn. I guess this part of the sweater will be hidden behind a scarf, pin, or cardigan. šŸ˜€


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