Thick and Thin

Thick and Thin


Recently I’ve bought some thick and thin yarn, also known as slub yarn. It’s soft and pretty, and the thick and thin parts give it a nice texture. I bought two skeins of it and then set off online to see what I could make with it.

Ravelry is my first stop in looking for ideas. That site is full of patterns and inspiration. With the first skein of my yarn, I made a twisted drop stitch infinity scarf using this pattern


Now, what to do with the other skein? While searching for patterns, I came across this beautiful cable project and just had to make something.

photo: ravelry - mamatronic

I’ve made plenty of scarves, cowls, and hats so I wanted something different. Why not a clutch, purse, or wallet of some kind? Just knit the pattern to the desired length, fold, sew, add lining and some way to close, and voila! I have… something.


The cables are there, but not very prominent. I frogged this one and decided to use a yarn that is much smoother and consistent.

Now what? I have one skein of slub yarn. I am still searching. Until then..


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