Ultimate Project 2016

Ultimate Project 2016

Lion Brand Cable Luxe Tunic and Maxi

This year I have decided to start a knitting blog so I can have a place to share my work and share any knitting tidbits I find worthy of sharing with the world. I’m just a novice, but I’m always looking for a challenge and I think I’ve found one.

My big project for this year is Lion Brand’s Cable Luxe Maxi dress. I’ve never taken on such a big project before, so I’m really looking forward to learning new techniques in making garments. I’ve discovered online that many people have made this beautiful piece and have put their own little spin on it. I’m impressed by all their work, but I think I’ll just stick to the basics and knit this up as is.

So far, I’ve gotten a third of the way through step one.

I may be finished with it by this time next year (fingers crossed).





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